Putting fresh clean SOCKS on the feet of anyone who needs them. Whether they live on the streets, just can't make ends meet or even emergency services will all be welcome to tap into the resources of the many Volunteers collecting. All SOCKS stay in the community where they are collected....and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts..........and toes.
Warming Hearts by Warming Toes


Here are some ways to help out

We appreciate donations of new socks for men, women, teens, and children. Some areas are looking for specific needs at certain times, so if in doubt reach out to one of your local collection stations to see what they are in need of to fill requests by certain community partners. We do not ask for money, but in some select cases we can accept cash to make a purchase of new socks on your behalf.
Host An Event
Are you having a party? Why not ask you attendees to donate socks in lieu of gifts? It's also a great idea to have a container for cash donations for those that forget and didn't have time to shop prior tot he event. Once you are done, reach out to a collection station in your area, or contact us to pick up your "loot"
Coordinate Deliveries
Not everyone in our group is able to make deliveries, so we are looking for individuals who are interested in picking up socks from our collection stations and delivering them the them many organizations and individuals in the community who so desperately need them.
Set Up A Collection Station
It is as simple as putting out a box, basket, or other item to collect socks, and spreading the word to your family, friends, coworkers, customers, and community, that you are there to help!
Once you start collecting you can distribute yourself to any local organization in need, or you can turn to the group for help in distributing your collection. You can join one of our existing groups, or start a new one in your community. We are looking to grow in new areas of Ontario, and all across Canada and even the US!
We need help in promoting collections and events within each of our SOCKS families. You can help by sharing our posts and events in your social media feeds and groups. This is how we keep growing.